9 Facts Why Students Should Have a Dog

By Jade Peterson

Are You Ready For A Dog?

Having a dog is one of the best decisions you could make! It will make your days more beautiful and give them more meaning. Plus, a dog will help you wake up happy and go to bed happy, as you know that there is always someone by your side.

Before getting into more depth on the reasons behind getting a dog as a student, I want to highlight something. Getting a dog is not like getting a new toy. You’ve got to love it, take care of it, and make time for it. If you’re not ready to make this commitment, don’t get one; it’s as simple as that.

Having a dog should be an honor for humans and not the other way around. You must treat them with respect and love. You must be there for them. You must be as loyal and protective as they are.


Why Get A Dog as A College Student

There are a million reasons to get a dog at any time, but these ones are most closely related to students. Hear me out.

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1. A dog could save your life

When you’re too busy with school, too worried about getting your dissertation help online, and too concerned with your grades, your furry best friend might simply save your life. He or she will remind you of all the great times you’ve had together and will help you unwind. It will help you find your direction in life and love you unconditionally no matter what you choose.

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2. A dog will make you laugh

Dogs can easily make you laugh since they’re so cute and funny and adorable! If you get a puppy, you will watch him do crazy stuff or be dumb and you’ll love it. Dogs can put a smile on your face whenever you feel depressed or lonely and can literally wipe out your tears. They’re the best!

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3. A dog is loyal

Friends come and go, but dogs stay forever. Believe it or not, your dog will become your best friend. It will brighten up your day in the morning as soon as you wake up and it will help you fall asleep when you need it. Dogs see humans as part of ‘their pack’ so they protect you and stay loyal to you no matter what, according to essay writing service reviews at PCA.

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4. A dog can help you become more social

As you walk your dog outside, you become more social without even realizing it. That’s because dogs are really social usually, so they’ll want to smell and play with other dogs. As they do that, you can connect with the other dogs’ owners and make long-lasting friendships. This happens on campus every time!

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5. A dog will keep you healthy

Your dog will protect you from poor health since it will drag you outside the house all the time. It will help you move and be around other people. It will help you interact with others. It will help you become more confident and less concerned about your health.

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6. A dog will help you exercise

Speaking of which, you will be more active if you get a dog. You might go jogging or weightlifting with them. They will do nothing but watch you be awesome, or they will run alongside you. Taking your dog with you on hiking trips is another great example of active outdoor activity, according to Australian essay writing service specialist, Craig Bonner.

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7. A dog gives you a purpose

When you don’t know why you’re doing things, your dog might have the answers. As a dog owner, you feel more fulfilled, more loved, and thus, in a better emotional state. Your dog will give you a real-life purpose.

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8. A dog will give you confidence

When you’re walking around campus with your dog, you cannot feel beaten. You will feel confident, appreciated, and very happy. Your dog will help you boost your self-confidence and understand what an awesome person you are.

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9. A dog will make you happy!

You will smile all day, every day if you get a dog. Your days will be brighter and your nights better!


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Wrapping Up

Having a dog is the best idea you’ve ever had, but first – make sure you’re making enough time for it. Make sure you can be a responsible pet owner. After you’ve established that, adopt! As I said before, this might be the best time investment you’ve ever made. You will not regret it, especially if you’re already familiar with animals. If you’re not, you can always learn!



Author Bio:

Jade Peterson is a freelance writer at In her free time, she writes for another custom essay papers company to helps students succeed. Jade has been working as a manager for the best essay writing services on the market for a while and is looking to write a book on marketing.


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