I can no longer look after my pet - what should I do?

Giving Up Your Pet - Help Is At Hand

We all make a vow to keep our pets forever - but, sometimes life happens and peoples circumstances change, they may lose their job, their home, their health or a family member and feel that they can no longer look after their pet.

If this happens there are things that you can do - no matter how desperate you are feeling, please don’t dump or abandon your pet, even outside a rehoming centre.

This is incredibly traumatic for them and potentially very dangerous – they could be stolen, become seriously ill or escape and become involved in a traffic accident. Leaving them alone also means that even if they are found and brought into a rescue centre, the staff won’t know their history, for example, in the case of a dog - do they like cats, are they family safe or house trained? Knowing this type of information will make it a lot easier for your pet to find their new home.

Not being able to cope isn't something to be ashamed of - neglecting or abandoning your pet to the street is, there are many organisations that can help - including the Blue Cross.


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Advice from the Blue Cross

The first thing to do is contact your nearest Blue Cross centre.

One of our team will ask you some questions and let you know if we are able to help.

Home Direct: We prefer to use our Home Direct scheme, where we rehome pets directly from one family to another. This is less stressful for pets and it also frees up the limited spaces at our centres for homeless animals who have nowhere else to go. This is a good option if you are able to keep your pet temporarily until we can find them a new home.

Coming to a Blue Cross centre: If you can’t keep your pet any longer, we may be able to give them a space at one of our centres. Please be aware that demand is extremely high and there may be a waiting list. Sometimes we aren’t able to help but we’ll give you advice on what you can do next.


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What happens to my pet once they’re in the care of Blue Cross?

They will be carefully assessed by a vet and a member of the Blue Cross team so we can give them any special care they need and match them to the right kind of home.

After the assessment period they will go up for rehoming, providing there aren’t any veterinary or behaviour issues that we need to address. Their profile will appear on the Blue Cross website and we will start our search to find them a loving home.


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What if I can’t keep my Blue Cross pet?

We never forget a Blue Cross pet and we’ll always prioritise them and make room for them as soon as we can.

Please contact your nearest Blue Cross centre and we’ll make space for them as soon as possible, or we may ask if we can use our Home Direct scheme to find them a new family.

Please remember that horses are rehomed on a loan agreement and should always be returned to Blue Cross.


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I’m worried my pet will outlive me

Many people worry about what will happen if their pets outlive them. If you feel there’s no-one you can ask to take on your companion, our Pets into Care scheme might be for you.



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