Probiotics: It’s Time to Balance Out Your Pet Care!

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Probiotics: It's Time To Balance Out Your Pet Care!  

You look after your skin. You don’t wash yourself with harsh chemicals that are abrasive and damaging long term. And if you do, you may also slather on lotions and oils to repair and restore your skin’s natural balance.

But are we doing the same for our pets? Often, we use products on our pet’s sensitive skin that can be damaging for them long term, but not for us.

While specialised shampoo may not seem worth it, it absolutely is. Our pets’ skin is much more sensitive than ours, and their fur is technically hair. But it’s different from our hair too, so we use the chemicals we use on our skin, on theirs.

This is where LUCAA+ probiotic pet care products can help. They provide a complete solution for your pets skin needs.


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How Do Probiotics Work? 

Bacteria are everywhere, and they are not all bad; in fact, most are good and many are necessary for life and health. But the ‘bad’ bacteria can take over if an imbalance occurs. They can then cause infections, odours and skin disorders and irritations for your pet.

This is why our products are enriched with ‘good’ bacteria (called probiotics), sourced naturally from plants. These good bacteria simply enter the bad bacteria’s camps, outnumber them and eat their food. As all bacteria feed off organic waste such as sweat, oils, dried saliva, bio-allergens and urine, this leaves nothing for the bad bacteria to eat, so they die.

In this way, the good bacteria restore a healthy microflora balance to your pet’s skin. This helps protect against skin allergies and infections and is the nutshell of how all our probiotic products work.

For instance, our probiotic pet shampoo restores a healthy balance to the skin as well as cleaning away the dirt. Our probiotic ear spray cleans the ear canal at a microbial level to fight the source of infection and restore order. The probiotics in our bed sprays consume bio-allergens from things your pet has come into contact with, such as mould spores, pollen, dried skin cells, and faeces of the dust mite.

Chemical products also kill bacteria, but they kill the good ones too because they cannot tell the difference. This causes imbalance and leaves skin defenceless against re-colonisation by the bad bacteria, as well as common household allergens.

The Provilan LUCAA+ range uses probiotics that are safe for humans and animals and have a short life span.  They are non-mutative so do not cause antimicrobial resistance, and can reduce antibiotic use.


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What Vets Say

Vets are having incredible results with LUCAA+ treatment products including pet eye spray, pet wound spray and dog skin allergy spray.

The LUCAA+ probiotic range also includes chemical-free pet odour remover, litter tray cleaners and more.

Here are some bonus reasons to switch to LUCAA+ probiotic pet care products today:

Trusted by vets and pet owners

PETA certified as cruelty-free and vegan

Hypoallergenic, paraben-free and suitable for sensitive skin

Reduces harmful bacterial infections

Consumes organic waste and dead skin cells etc. at microbial level

Ideal for pet allergy management

Eliminates the root causes of pet odours without chemicals

Naturally sourced, sustainable and biodegradable ingredients

Recyclable bottles made using ocean and land recycled plastics

Now that’s a pet product you should invest in!

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Ready to make the switch?

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