Purrfect Patch - Grass Patch For Cats

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Purrfect Patch - Grass Patch For Cats
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Purrfect Patch - Grass Patch For Cats

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Purrfect Patch - Grass Patch For Cats
Purrfect Patch - Grass Patch For Cats
Purrfect Patch - Grass Patch For Cats
Purrfect Patch - Grass Patch For Cats

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The Real Grass, Soil Free Patch For Cats

Now your cat can have all the benefits of outside grass from the comfort of their own home, balcony, or catio space.

Bring the park home for your cat with a Purrfect Patch!


Cat grass patch

A Purrfect Patch will help your cat feel closer to nature. It's made from 100% soil-free real grass, and grown without harmful chemicals or pesticides,

Purrfect Patch is the ideal solution for those cats who want a place to lounge or play on, or some tasty grass to nibble on.

Grass for cats

The grass is grown in a liquid retentive mat, instead of soil, to extend the lifespan of the grass and prevent muddy paw prints from being tracked in your home.

Each Purrfect Patch is grown right here in the UK, over a period of 14 months, and harvested fresh for your order 

Purrfect Patch is 100% biodegradable and can be placed into the garden waste collection, while its packaging can be recycled.


If you want to give your cat all the freedom of the outside with all the safety of the inside, why not consider picking up a Purrfect Patch today?


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