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Well…met by a plethora of very young vets just finished grad school… - not one professionally experienced vet these last few years- after Covid lockdown, dog had general health check- £45 for something I could have done myself. I asked about the previous dog teeth cleaning pack they provided in the past; was told by the young vet that the cost has now doubled. I asked why. His reply was because this veterinary practice was inundated during Covid so the partners chose not to do the discounted pack anymore. Erm..can’t see the logical explanation there except for enjoying a larger incoming of wages and not wanting to provide discounts!
Secondly, dog needed antibiotics…met by unruly officious young receptionist who told me I couldn’t enter the empty practice without a mask - I’m exempt - no that was not an answer, I wasn’t allowed in then. I replied she couldn’t question me like that so she advised then that I should be met by the vet in the waiting room which was no issue to me. On paying for the vet appointment, tablets and the additional latest advertised product in the display cabinet, I noticed my ex was still on the records which I asked to be removed. This turned out to be a major fiasco. Having to delve through legal letters I managed to find one that advised my ex relinquished the dogs to me. For all intents and purposes, this letter was sufficient for another situation but for this one it was not. I received an email to advise the letter wasn’t good enough and didn’t suit their GDPR. Are they aware of marital consent orders that dogs Do Not feature in such orders but major financial assets/pensions/homes/etc and the courts aren’t interested in adding pets to their over-burdened eyes and ears?.. That letters between lawyers’ agreements and negotiations are all that exist during divorces on such things. This veterinary practice didn’t mind Me paying for all bills lately, even sending me medical records at my request regarding another pet. Perhaps they need family law training and 2 years’ Articles to add to their accolades. So I now have to pay for lawyers to write a formal letter. The humiliation to disclose private letters did not seem to bother them - I even bought the dogs myself - do they need those bank statements too? Shocking, officious and over priced. No, I would not recommend. I can say…it Used to be a nice practice but the last 3 years it has unfortunately changed not for the better.
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When I got her, she was in just a tank with a water bowl. No hide house, no basking light, no branches to climb; nothing. She has all that now