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Alcombe Veterinary Surgery - Whitton
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Please please please do not trust these people with your fur babies. I almost lost my dog at the Whitton Surgery as they failed to diagnose something as simple as life threatening lung worm. Particularly if you have a frenchie avoid at all costs. They did not take her symptoms seriously and kept dismissing it as though it was just down to her breed despite me pleading that it wasn't. They took an xray that showed abnormalities in her lungs and told me nothing was wrong. It took almost £6,000 with the real experts at The Ralph to save her life. Alcombe Whitton failed to diagnose her for over a month which left her down to only 30% lung capacity and riddled with worms. They have also failed to accept any responsibility, failed to propose any resolution and hidden behind their insurer. Absolutely disgusting! Whatever collection of good reviews there are please know that they were from a time when Dr Adam was running the Whitton clinic. Sadly all that is left there now are negligent charlatans who have no clue what they are doing. The clinic as a whole fails on so many fronts in ensuring basic care for your pet. It was only because I refused to accept their "expert" veterinary opinion that saved my dog's life. Seriously please run in the opposite direction and don't look back!
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