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As you can imagine, we receive lots of blogs every week for consideration.

You can improve your chances of getting your work accepted by following the guidelines below.

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What We Love

We love articles that are interesting and inspiring. Our readers do not want to see the same old stuff time and time again. They want to see something fresh that they maybe haven’t read before.

We also know from experience that there are certain types of content that work really well so do try and bear in mind the following guidelines: 

Practical hints and tips that people can use straight away in their everyday lives with their pets;

Pieces about people or animals doing amazing or inspiring things in the vet and pet world;

Honest and objective pet product reviews; and articles about animal health and wellbeing

Things To Remember

Blogs should be between 750 and 1500 words and written in a chatty, conversational style;

Images – a decent picture paints a thousand words so try and include at least 1 image;

Remember to include external links where relevant

Keep your paragraphs short and to the point and remember to use subheadings to make your articles easier to read quickly;

Infographics and videos are great ways to reach people (and do really well on our social media feeds) so don’t feel limited to just text;

What’s In It For You

Your blog and your name will be seen by our huge global community of pet owners who visit our website every day and follow our social media posts;