Wetnose Day 2017

Wetnose Animal Aid

Non-profit organisation staffed entirely through dedicated volunteers.


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Andrea, and her late husband Gavin Gamby-Boulger sold their kennels in 2000 to set up Wetnose Animal with the aim of helping other Rescue Centres who needed so much support.

Now, 17 years on, Wetnose Animal Aid are true to their Mission Statement -

Our mission is to make a positive difference by helping vulnerable animals and reduce their suffering through raising funds to support those who provide for their care and welfare in rescue.”




Wetnose Day, created by the Wetnose Animal Aid Team, creates the paw’fect opportunity to raise funds for struggling Rescue Centres to help pay off vets bills and to purchase essential equipment and daily necessities.

It is extremely common for Rescue Centres to notice a decline in donations but an increase in animals being left with them when owners are not able to keep them for various reasons.

This then results in a serious lack of funding causing strain on so many Rescue Centres across the UK. 


Wetnose aid


In recent years, Wetnose have received an amazing amount of support from celebrities including Amanda Holden, Tom Hardy, Paul O’Grady, Joanna Lumley and many others.

From all of the support received, a large number of Rescue Centres received funding to purchase essential equipment and necessities as well as veterinary treatment for those animals in desperate need.


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With your help and support this Wetnose Day 2017 (29th September – 1ST October) we can encourage all pet-friendly places, schools and workplaces all across the UK to ‘Pose With A Nose’ to raise loads of cash for this amazing cause.

With your help, animals in need can receive the care that they deserve.




If you would like to make a donation and purchase a Wetnose Day Nose please visit and share this link




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