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Worst so called vets we have ever used. i actually regret leaving my old vets to come here and these were recommended by a friend.

Firstly, prescriptions each month, we need a printed prescription every month and we give them 10 days notice to get it ready so i can order my dogs medication online. Every month I'm chasing them for it because they drag their heels and do it when they feel like it. Again this month it's the same, i put in a prescription request a week ago (11/11/23), on Wednesday (15th) i had a call to say they were doing the prescription and could give as much cardalis as i wanted as it doesn't need a prescription.....i checked and it does from anywhere you get it online so shows how much they actually know as "vets". Hadn't heard anything else by friday so i contacted them again, their excuse was -

"Unfortunately our repeats are backed up at the moment so they are taking longer than usual. We are currently working on trying to get everything done as quickly as possible. We apologise for the delay in this.

This has been passed on to the vet to put up for you. As soon as this is ready we will contact you."

I have responded that it was an excuse if ever i heard one and I've heard alot, that they've had a week and still its not been done and that it's not good enough.

Seeing as they have the nerve to charge £21.90 per printed prescription aswell yet drag their heels in actually getting it sorted, how hard is it to print paper and sign it, apparently quite difficult? i think it's an absolute disgrace. It's FINALLY ready today (20/11/2023)

Secondly, for over a year we have been back and forth regarding skin issues with our dog, the so called vets claimed they have "never seen anything like it" and claimed it was mange, which is wasn't and isn't. They got fed up eventually and said just take her home and she would pass peacefully......she still has alot of life left in her yet.

Thirdly, the very unhelpful attitude of staff when, back in may, i was in excruciating pain and couldn't walk, let alone drive to go and get the printed prescription. I asked if they could send it to me, they refused and said they couldn't and i would have to collect. I repeatedly told them i was unable too at that time. Eventually after about half hour of back and forth they said they would send it out to me and had the nerve to charge £6 for that. I paid it but only because i had no other option of getting it.

Fourth, as mentioned our dog has skin issues, we FINALLY saw a vet who said it was atopic dermatitis and advised us ehat we could try to help it. This was yet another locum vet, we have never seen the same vet, it's always a different one and always a locum.

Fifth, the only time our dog has had a medication review was last month (October 2023) after being on medication since December 2021. Our dog also nearly died because of the lack of medication review and she had medication that over time was slowly killing her, luckily i figured out what it was just in time before it did.

Sixth, our dog has lost alot of weight since December 2021, the vets haven't been concerned by this. I am and have been the whole time. They just wanted to get her in and put her through all manner of tests, i said no. Our dog is elderly and it wouldn't be fair on her and secondly we don't have the money to do it and i wouldn't even contemplate it at her age.

Would i recommend this "vets"? Absolutely not.

They are incompetent and need to be shut down. I seriously question whether any of the "vets" we have seen actually went to college and university to become a vet.

Reported to RCVS.
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