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National Service Animal Registry
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National Service Animal Registry

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National Service Animal Registry
National Service Animal Registry
National Service Animal Registry
National Service Animal Registry
National Service Animal Registry

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Register Your Pet as an ESA For Service Dog

Our pets truly depend on us, and an increasing number of people depend on their dogs, cats, and other animals, too.

National Service Animal Registry (NSAR) will show you how to make your pet an emotional support animal or, if qualified, a service dog or psychiatric service dog. The process is simple and quick.



Registration in 2 Easy Steps

Step One Determine which you qualify for: A service dog or an emotional support animal (ESA).

Step Two Then pick which service dog registration or ESA registration is best suited to your needs.


Emotional Support Animal

ESA registration can help you qualify for a "no-pet" apartment, house, or condo and keep your dog, cat, or other animals at no charge.

It can also help with uncomfortable and unwanted confrontations while flying Southwest Airlines (the only airline that continues to recognise ESAs).

Otherwise, how do they know it’s not just a pet? Many of our pets calm our anxieties, lift our spirits, and help us function more normally on a day-to-day basis.

You can formalise your pet as an ESA by using our emotional support animal registration process and getting an ESA letter from one of our licensed therapists.

 Register Your Emotional Support Animal 




Psychiatric Service Dog

If you have a physical and/or emotional disability that makes performing any everyday task difficult or impossible and your dog helps you do it, then you're considered disabled.

NSAR can easily show you how to make your dog a psychiatric service dog and take your dog with you anywhere.

 Register Your Psychiatric Dog 


 Psychiatric Service Dog


Service Dogs

The ADA prevents you, your service dog or emotional support animal from being discriminated against. Once registered, a service or psychiatric service dog can accompany you in public — even when pets are not allowed.

 You can live in housing with your registered service dog or your registered ESA when pets are not allowed - and with NO FEE. National Service Animal Registry helps you learn how you can fly with your pet in the cabin of an aircraft - and with no pet fee. All because you are considered "disabled."

 Register Your Service Dog 


service dog | nsar


Need an Emotional Support Animal Letter?

If you don't have a therapist or your therapist is unwilling to write an ESA letter, NSAR has licensed therapists ready to give you an online assessment to legally prescribe an emotional support animal.

Like all of their products and services, the ESA Letter Assessment has a 100% no-risk money-back guarantee. If you don’t qualify for some reason, you’ll get a 100% refund!

Take their FREE Online Assessment to see if you'll qualify!



Read their article on our Blog 

ESAs and Plane Travel – What to Know for 2021



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