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Easy to Feed Supplements For Your Dog or Cat

Professionally developed natural products to give your pet the support they need to live a healthy and happy life.


 PetExx Supplements 


PetExx prides itself on combining science with a love of animals to help pet parents everywhere, no matter the problem.

They work with highly-respected experts in nutrition to ensure that they are at the forefront of the effort to keep your companion fit, healthy, and living their best life.


 Golden Retriever and puppy 


Easy to Feed Supplements

Helping your furry friend to live a healthier, happy life. 

Backed by ten years in the nutraceutical industry, PetExx is investing their energy and passion into your pets and hopes the best in nutrition will help them enjoy a long and healthy life.

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Digestive Supplements

Brain & Behaviour

Immune Support

Joint Support

Liver Support


 PetExx Product Range


 Mobility Boost

Petexx Mobility Boost is packed with essential ingredients proven to soothe stiff joints and maintain joint comfort; keeping your pet healthy and happy.

It’s recommended for older dogs who may need a helping hand.


mobility boost product info


Stomach Settler

Petexx Stomach Settler Paste is packed with essential ingredients to keep your dog’s stomach settled.

Recommended for dogs with a sensitive tummy.


stomach_settler product info


Enzyme Boost

Petexx Enzyme Boost is packed with essential ingredients that aid dogs who suffer from sensitive digestion, keeping them healthy and happy.

Recommended for dogs that need a little extra help with digestion!


Enzyme Boost product Info


Stress Less

Petexx Stress Less is packed with essential ingredients proven to help your dog cope with stress and keep them calm and happy. Recommended for nervous dogs who need extra comfort.


stress less product info


Delivering Expert Products Straight to Your Door



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Pet Blog

2023-06-26 22:39:24

Guinea pigs are intelligent, sociable and emotional animals. They require plenty of living space to socialise, run, hide, forage, dig and burrow

2023-05-05 00:36:27

Hi Glyn,  There could be all sorts of things going on here depending on his age, breed and medical history. Some breeds, like the

2023-05-05 00:34:15

I have a 19-week-old male guinea pig, he's indoors, an only pig, and is handled daily, he's on good feed, plenty of fresh vegs, fruit, and

2023-05-05 00:33:38

My dog is an extremely fussy eater and thin because of this. He's a happy healthy young boy - can you advise how to encourage

2023-05-05 00:33:10

When I got her, she was in just a tank with a water bowl. No hide house, no basking light, no branches to climb; nothing. She has all that now